Catchy phrases for your phone number

What are catchy phrases? Catchy phrases are a set of words in which the alphabets correspond to the digits printed on a phone pad. For instance, the letters “A”, “B”, and “C” are linked to the digit “2″, while the letters “P”, “Q”, “R”, and “S” are related to the digit “7″.

Using this scheme, if a message goes “Call now on 1-800-BUYGOLD to buy your very own set of gold bars”, the audience would then key in 1-800-2894653 (without the dashes) on their phone to contact the company to express their interest for gold bars. Catchy phrases are widely used as a marketing tool in a bid to assist the desired audience to remember their phone number.

In today’s article, the concept of “reciprocal catchy phrases” will be described. Have you ever wished your phone number contains some catchy phrases so that you could blurt out the phrases rather than the digits when you were asked for contact details next time? This self-coined term “reciprocal catchy phrases” simply means finding the alphabets to suit the phone number that you have got.

Let’s work on an example to illustrate the point. Say, a cellphone number arbitrarily goes like this: 024 367843946. Rather than saying “My cellphone number is 024 367 843 946″, one can go “My cellphone number is 024 FOR THE WIN” (assuming 024 represents the most commonly used mobile phone service in that region). How was the corresponding phrase found? This can be done by using the predictive texting function on a cellphone.

How to activate the predictive texting function?

Go to “text messaging options” –> Dictionary –> T9 (or predictive) dictionary –> Activate. The instruction should be similar for all makes of cellphones

Go to “Compose” and start typing the first few digits of the phone number listed above – 367843946. Let’s work on the first three digits – 367. Upon typing in the set of digits, the dictionary suggests “FOR” as a possible word. If “more words” are pressed, the word “DOS” is also possible. Let’s bear this in mind as a plausible possibility. If a set of four digits are worked with (“3678″), the possibility of “FORT” is obtained. If the first five digits “367843″ are tried, again the faithful dictionary suggests the phrase “FORTIF”. If all of the digits (“367843946″) are used, we are informed of the word “FORTIFYIN”. If you are happy with the end result, the phone number can now be said as 024 FORTIFYIN. The gist is to key in a set of digits – at least two or more – and let the dictionary suggest a word that can be used.

A further approach that can be used is to break the digits into multiple set. Rather than working with the phrase “FORTIF”, we can break it into two equal sections (i.e. the first three digits, coupled with the second set of three digits). In this case, the first three digits corresponds to “FOR”, while the second set corresponds to “THE”. So now the phone number becomes 024 FOR THE 946. What can we have for “946″? Well, the dictionary nicely suggests “WIN”, so we will stick with 024 FOR THE WIN.

Tada! Now you can be proud of your very own phone number that has a nice catchy phrase! :D

If you have got catchy phrases that you would like to share with us, please post them in the comment box below (please omit the country code / mobile code for privacy purposes).

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  1. what if my number sadly has zeros and ones :(

  2. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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